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Teach science standard 1-LS1-1 Structure and Function and learn all about biomimicry with this 5 lesson product that includes a 30 slide teaching power point, differentiated activities, center activities and posters for display. Students will love finding out how humans have copied nature to solve problems and how inventions are often inspired by animals and plants. Activities are differentiated and hands on for maximum engagement. Also includes center activities, a set of 30 scoot cards that can be used for assessment and real life pictures for matching and display.


What is included in this product:


30 slide teaching power point

Lesson 1

How animals and plants use their external parts to survive - 2 x differentiated cut and paste activity.


Lesson 2

How humans copy nature to solve a problem - 2 x differentiated cut and paste activity.


Lesson 3

Reading comprehension - 2 x differentiated


Lesson 4

Design task cards and design sheet for students to complete


Lesson 5

30 scoot cards for assessment


Center Activities

Read and color sheet

Make a foldable book

Real life pictures for matching


2 colorful posters for display


Color a poster - Early Finishers Activity


Instructions for use.

1-LS1-1 Biomimicry | Structure And Function | Mimicking Nature | First Grade

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