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50 Christmas themed worksheets and printables for Year 1 and home school. This Christmas product is ideal to have in your teacher toolkit at this busy time of the year. These stand alone activities are ideal to use in centres, as early morning work, for early finishers and as time fillers and calming activities.

This Christmas themed pack includes math and English activities, colouring sheets, puzzles and games, crafts and more.

Includes US and UK spellings versions.

Full List Of Activities
Label a reindeer - cut and stick
Label Santa - cut and stick
Sequence decorating a tree - cut and stick
Sequence wrapping a parcel - cut and stick
Christmas in England - cut and stick
Build a nativity scene - cut and stick
Decorate a tree - cut and stick
Christingle - cut and stick
Wordsearch, colour and label - x 2
Christmas card template
Acrostic poem template
Alphabetical order activity
Christmas Eve comprehension
Letter to Santa x 2
Wordsearch x 2
Puzzles - cut and stick x 3
Crossword puzzle
Spot the difference x 2
Advent calendar x 2 versions
Build a snowman game
Snakes and ladders game
Roll and colour
Colour a gingerbread house
Decorate a gingerbread man
Mindfulness colouring bauble
Colour Mrs Clause and Elf
Design a Christmas jumper
Fine motor skills activity

Make a Christmas basket template
Make a Christmas wreath - cut and stick
Make a snow globe craft

Order candy canes by size - cut and stick
Number bonds to 10
Number bonds to 20
1 more/1 less to 10
1 more/1 less to 20
Colour by numbers
Count the toys
Label shapes - cut and stick
Colour and count
Finish patterns
Odd and even numbers
Math mosaic
Colour shapes
Missing numbers

50 Christmas Worksheets And Printables For Year 1

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