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50 Geography Worksheets suitable for Kindergarten. 50 print and go, no prep geography worksheets. Ideal for use throughout the year to support your social studies topics, as one off lessons, small group work and homework activities. Includes my local area activities, map activities, flags, puzzles, word searches, colouring sheets, coordinates and directions, sorting and location activities. A must have for any kindergarten teacher. Answers included where appropriate.


Activities included:

Label the continents

Design map symbols

Label compass points - cut and paste

Compass points - cut and paste

Weekly weather chart

7 coordinates activities

Color the UK flags

Color the US flag

Color world flags

Flags of the world reference sheet

Sorting activity - cut and paste - 4 seasons

Where do I live? cut and paste x 3

Local area walk tick list

Nature walk tick list

My journey to school - draw

My local area - drawing activity

My school - draw map

My classroom - draw map

5 cut and paste labelling activity - items, symbols, buildings, landforms, bodies of water

4 jigsaw puzzles - globe, UK map, World map, treasure map

4 word searches - vocabulary, buildings, weather, countries

12 coloring sheets - spring, summer, autumn, winter, 4 seasons, globe, rainforest, forest, beach, Arctic, desert, locations

50 Geography Worksheets For Kindergarten | Homeschool

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