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50 History Worksheets for Kindergarten. 50 print and go, no prep history worksheets. Ideal for use throughout the year to support your topics, as one off lessons, small group work and special celebration days. Includes family history and traditions, biographies, past and present sorting, coloring posters, word searches and coloring pages.


My Family

My family tree

My birthday

Family Thanksgiving traditions

My family traditions and celebrations

My timeline x 2


Past and Present Sorting

Technology cut and paste

School cut and paste

Transport cut and paste

Match objects past and present x 2

Order cars

Order telephones

Color the odd one out



Women in history

Queen Victoria

Mae Jemison

Helen Keller

Coco Chanel

Mary Anning


Famous Artists

Vincent Van Gogh

Keith Haring

Salvador Dali

Henri Matisse

Georgina O'Keeffe


American History

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Barack Obama

The American Flag


Coloring Posters

Statue of Liberty

Veterans Day

Presidents Day

Saint Patrick

Martin Luther King Day

Wilbur and Orville Wright


Sequencing drawing

My school day

My bedtime routine

My morning routine


Sequencing cut and paste

Human timeline x 2

Morning routine

How to wash laundry

How to make cookies


2 x history vocabulary word searches


Months of the year cut and paste

Days of the week cut and paste


Coloring Sheets

Independence Day

St Patricks Day

St Valentines Day

50 History Worksheets For Kindergarten | Social Studies Worksheets | Homeschool

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