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Let's learn all about hedgehogs. This product teaches young children lots of fun facts all about hedgehogs and includes a Power Point and print and go activities for your convenience. It includes real life pictures that you can use for display, no prep, fun activities to keep children engaged and a coloring page for early finishers. Use the hedgehog template for a wide range of activities such as painting, collage or use it to make a leaf hedgehog. You can also make a hibernating hedgehog flip book.


Included in this product:

  • 10 slide teaching power point
  • Hedgehog template
  • Write an acrostic poem
  • Blank hedgehog fact sheet for students to complete
  • Make a hibernating hedgehog flip book
  • Make a hedgehog book mark - colour and b&w
  • Poster - how to look after hedgehogs in your garden - colour and b&w
  • Make a poster - how to look after hedgehogs in your garden
  • 6 A5 real life pictures
  • Colouring sheet for early finishers

All About Hedgehogs

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