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Amazon Rainforest activities and posters. This product could be just what you need if you are teaching children about the animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest. It includes fun, hands on activities that keep children engaged and motivated, whilst learning at the same time. These print and go activities include a scavenger hunt and matching activity. Children can also make a bookmark and create their own fact poster of their chosen animal. Word cards, real life photos and colorful fact posters of 15 Amazon Rainforest animals are included. Suitable for years 3 and 4.

**Included in this product: **

15 colourful fact posters on the following animals:

  • leopard
  • panther
  • scarlet macaw
  • hummingbird
  • blue morph butterfly
  • anaconda
  • boa constrictor
  • green iguana
  • poison dart frog
  • piranha
  • toco toucan
  • sloth
  • howler monkey
  • capybara
  • armadillo
    Scavenger hunt activity for use with the posters - questions have 3 levels of difficulty
    Pictures and descriptions for matching - 2 choices of activities - instructions included
    Blank fact posters for children to complete with an animal of their choice
    15 bookmarks - children to make one of their own choice
    Word cards and real life photos for display
    Colouring for early finishers

Amazon Rainforest Animal Posters And Activities

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