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Growth and change in animals including humans. Suitable for year 2. Teaching Power Point and print and go activities. This product looks at the stages of life, how humans grow and change, timelines and life cycles of humans and animals. Included in this product:
13 slide teaching PPT
Frog and butterfly life cycle - 2 x differentiated
Draw a lifecycle
Baby and adult drawing activity x 2 differentiated
Baby and child x 2 differentiated
Live young or eggs? Cut and stick activity
Parent and baby animals matching activity
Animal baby and names matching activity
Human timeline cut and paste activity x 2 differentiated (color and b/w)
Draw human timeline
Human life cycle x 2 differentiated cut and stick activity
Draw human lifecycle x 2 differentiated
Describe stages of human lifecycle x 2 differentiated
Similarities between adult and offspring - human/dog
Picture cards of human stages
Real life picture cards for sorting and matching
Make a life cycle wheel - choice of butterfly, human, penguin

Bonus - 2 colouring pages for early finishers

US and UK spellings included

Animals Inc Humans Growing and Changing

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