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All about the Arctic activities and power point for KS1. Students will love learning all about the Arctic with these fun, interactive, print and go activities and teaching power point. Everything you need to teach this topic.
The Power Point discusses where the Arctic is, the environment, adaptation and animals that live there - polar bear, Arctic fox, Arctic wolf, walrus, snowy owl and Arctic hare. No prep, print and go activities to save you time, word cards for display, word search for early finishers and fun bookmarks to make. Activities are differentiated for inclusion.

Printable activities include:
Label the Arctic animals
Am I a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore?
Label the animal babies
What would you need in the Arctic?
Mark the Arctic on a map
Compare the Arctic to where you live
Label a polar bear
How animals have adapted
Blank fact sheet for children to complete
8 labelled pictures for display.

Word cards for display

Make a bookmark - colour and b&w versions

Wordsearch for early finishers.
Each activity is differentiated two ways for use across the year groups.

Arctic Activities KS1

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