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Adult and baby animals. Learn all about baby animals and their parents with these fun, print and go activities and teaching power point.
Are you teaching children about baby animals and their parents? Maybe you are looking at animal babies as part of a Spring topic? These animal babies activities and power point could be just what you are looking for . Suitable for children aged 5-7.

Includes sorting and lifecycle activities, two options for making a book, real pictures for sorting and matching and coloring activities.

Lifecycles for use in centers - print, cut out and laminate boards and cards. Perfects for students to match and order independently.


This Product Includes:

  • PPT on adults and their offspring
  • Real life pictures for sorting and matching
  • Match adults and their babies - differentiated
  • Sorting activity - live babies or eggs
  • Coloring activities
  • Make a baby animals on the farm book
  • Make a book mark
  • Cut and paste lifecycle activities - chicken, butterfly, penguin and squirrel
  • Make a concertina book
  • Life cycle activity for centres - print out and laminate life cycles for students to use in centres.

Adult and Baby Animals KS1

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