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Christmas themed cutting skills worksheets and activities. 20 black and white and 20 colour versions. Includes a cutting skills assessment tick sheet. Have some fun this festive season and get students improving their scissor skills with these print and go activities.

This product includes a variety of activities to cover different levels of cutting skills.

Each activity has a black and white version that children can colour themselves or a ready to go colour version.

Skills range from simple snipping to cutting out more complex shapes. Includes cut and paste activities.


Snip the paper
Cut along a straight line
Cut along the lines - make Christmas paper chains
Cut around a corner
Colour and cut out squares
Colour and cut out the rectangles - make a Christmas tree cut and paste
Colour and cut out circles
Colour and cut out ovals
Colour and cut out triangles
Colour and cut out triangles to make a Christmas tree
Colour and cut out stars
Colour, cut out and match various shapes
Colour and count
Create a winter scene - cut and paste
Add the toys to Santa’s sack - cut and paste
Decorate the tree - cut and paste
Make a Nativity scene - cut and paste
Complete the Christmas pattern - cut and paste
Make a candy cane - cut and paste
Build a snowman

Christmas Scissor Skills Cutting Activities

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