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Covering 2-LS4-1 2nd grade science standard? Learn about the diversity of living things in a range of habitats. Observe and compare animals and plants in microhabitats with these no prep activities.


This product covers 5 days of science lessons plus extra activities, a teaching Power Point, scavenger hunt, resources for ESL and special educational needs students and includes a teacher guide with assessment and evaluation sheets.


Check out the preview to see all the activities included, or read on...


Included in this product:


31 Slide lesson by lesson, teaching Power Point

Teachers guide - includes instructions for use, assessment tick sheet and lesson evaluation sheets


Lesson 1

What is a habitat?

Vocabulary activity - table/small group activity, 2 x differentiated activities


Lesson 2

Comparing World Habitats

2 x differentiated activities


Lesson 3

Different animals and plants in world habitats

2 x differentiated research sheets

2 x differentiated adaptation activities


Lesson 4


Plan an observation of 2 different microhabitats - planning sheets x 2 differentiated

Carry out microhabitats observations - observation sheets x 2 differentiated


Lesson 5

Compare the two observed microhabitats - x 2 differentiated worksheets plus venn diagram


Extra Activities


Scavenger hunt - x 2 differentiated question sheets plus fact sheets


Diorama design sheet - x 2 differentiated


Activities for early finishers

Make a habitats leaflet

Reading comprehension - x 2 differentiated questions


Habitats Activity Book

Ideal for ESL students and students with special educational needs -

suitable for independent work


2 writing frames for students with special educational needs


Microhabitat photos for display


End of unit quiz - x 2 differentiated


Exit tickets




Teacher guide -

Full instructions for product use

Class assessment tick list for unit learning objectives

Lesson evaluation and assessment sheet

Diversity Of Habitats 2nd Grade 2-LS4-1 | Animals and Plants Microhabitats

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