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Are you teaching the second grade science unit Earth's Place In The Universe? This Earth Events Workbook could be just what you are looking for to cover the Next Generation Science Standard 2-ESS1-1. Your students will be able to work through the workbook independently. Everything they need is included, apart from the final web quest and research project, which will require them to have access to the internet and other forms of research.


The workbook is differentiated 2 ways and also includes an end of unit quiz for assessment.


Students will learn:


•To identify Earth events


•To understand that Earth events can make changes to the Earth’s surface.


•To understand that these changes can take place quickly or over a long period of time.


Included in this product:

Workbook front cover

Vocabulary activity


Events that happen quickly information sheets

Events that happen quickly - question sheet

Events that happen slowly information sheets

Events that happen slowly - question sheet

The Grand Canyon information sheet

The Grand Canyon webquest

Earth Events cut and paste sorting activity

Earth Events Fact File research activity (or make a poster)

Earth Events Workbook | 2 ESS1-1 | Events That Occur Quickly Or Slowly

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