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The effects of sunlight on Earth's surface and design and build a shelter to reduce the warming effect of sunlight. K-PS3-1 and K-PS3-2 activities and power point for kindergarten. Teach your students all about how the Sun affects water, soil, sand and rocks with these fun and engaging, low prep activities. Word cards and real life pictures for display are also included.


This products offers you 3 versions, choose which one you suits you best.

1. A letter size version of activities that can be stuck into books

2. A half letter size version to make into a book

3. If you are short on time - A letter size all in one sheet to make into a foldable.


Includes everything you need to teach standards K-PS3-1 and K-PS3-2


This product includes :

  • A 29 slide teaching power point
  • Instructions on how to use this product
  • The Sun worksheet - color and complete
  • How the Sun affects water - color and complete
  • The Water Cycle - Color
  • How the Sun affects rock, soil and sand - color and complete
  • Investigation and observation sheet
  • Design and build a shelter to reduce warming effect of the Sun


Each of the above is available in 2 sizes for your preference.


  • Plus an All In One activity sheet if you are short on time - make into a Sun foldable.

Effects Of Sunlight On Earths Surface | K-PS3-1 | K-PS3-2

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