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Food chain activities and teaching power point for year 2.

Are you teaching students about food chains? Then this is the product for you! Save valuable time with these print and go, no prep activities. Children will love these fun activities, whilst learning at the same time. A 28 slide teaching power point means that no research or planning is required. There are colourful posters, real life pictures matching game, differentiated activities and a colouring sheet for early finishers.

Read on for a full list of included activities.

Included in this product:

  • 28 slide teaching power point
  • 4 colourful A4 posters - carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, food chains
  • Real pictures matching game - food chains from the arctic, rainforest, pond and forest
  • Research and draw food chains x 3 differentiated
  • Cut and stick pictures to complete food chain
  • Cut and stick pictures to create your own food chains
  • Food chain quiz x 2 differentiated.
  • Colouring sheet for early finishers

Food Chain Activities Year 2

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