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Forces and Motion Power Point plus print and go activities for kindergarten. Everything is included to teach young learners all about forces and motion and cover standards K-PS2-1 and K-PS2-2, in a fun and hands on way. This product includes six lessons PLUS center activities and a scoot game for assessment. There are photos and words for display, teacher instructions and games to ensure learning is active and engaging.


Included in this product:


56 slide Power Point - 6 lessons


Lesson 1

What is motion?

Includes an outside lesson idea plus differentiated printable activity


Lesson 2

Push and pull

Includes an outside lesson ideas plus differentiated printable activity


Lesson 3

Changes in motion

Includes an outside lesson idea


Lesson 4

Simple machines

Plus differentiated printable activity


Lesson 5

Let's build

Ideas to plan and build a ramp


Lesson 6

Let's Investigate

Idea for science investigation with toy cars


Center Activities

Cards for games such as memory game, snap, old maid

Roll and color dice game

Make a foldable book

Isaac Newton read and color


Scoot cards - can be used as end of unit assessment


Display and writing aids

Real life photos

Vocabulary posters

Word mat


Teacher Instructions

Force And Motion Kindergarten | Forces | K-PS2-1 K-PS2-2

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