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Let's learn all about Europe. This product includes planning, teaching power point, print and go activities and work for early finishers. Everything you need to teach students all about Europe.

The 76 slide power point includes 9 lessons, each with an end of lesson quiz. Each lesson has printable activities to accompany the power point, answer sheets included.

Lesson 10 is an end of unit quiz for assessment.

Each activity is differentiated 2 ways.

Also included are some extra activities and task cards for early finishers.

Suitable for children aged 7-10 years old.

This Product Includes:

Teaching Power Point and activities for the following lessons -

Lesson 1

Where Is Europe - Label continents, color Europe on a map, label areas of water

Lesson 2

Countries of Europe - Label the countries of Europe, Countries of Europe quiz

Lesson 3

Capital Cities of Europe - Match capital city to correct country

Lesson 4

Landmarks of Europe - Match pictures with descriptions, match pictures with labels - both cut and stick, draw a well known landmark

Lesson 5

Flags of Europe - Color the flags, design your own European flag

Lesson 6

Weather and Climate of Europe - Compare climates x 2 cut and stick

Lesson 7

Physical Features of Europe - Draw features on a map, match places and descriptions cut and stick

Lesson 8

Environmental Regions Of Europe - compare environmental areas of Europe - writing activity

Lesson 9 Human Characteristics of Europe - Trade in Europe research activities

Lesson 10 - End of unit quiz for assessment

Extra Activities

European Union Comprehension x 2 differentiated

Compare a European and non European Country research worksheet

European Country Study

European Capital Cities Word Search

8 task cards for early finishers

planning sheets

Geography Europe KS2

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