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Grasslands teaching Power Point plus print and go, no prep activities.

The power point teaches students all about the grasslands biomes around the world - savannas and temperate (prairies).

The 28 slide power point covers grasslands around the world and looks in more detail at the African savanna and North American prairies. It includes adaptations of animals and plants in both of these locations.

Also included are fun, print and go activities that will keep children engaged whilst learning at the same time. Word cards and real life pictures for display, colorful information posters, make a bookmark, pictures for sorting and coloring activity for early finishers are all included in this product. Most activities are differentiated for inclusion.

Suitable for 2nd grade, lower KS2.


What's Included:


28 slide teaching power point - meaning no time spent researching for you!


Print and go, no prep activities:

  • Maps - color the savanna x 2 differentiated
  • colour the temperate grassland x 2 differentiated
  • Giraffe adaption activity x 2 differentiated
  • Prairie Dog adaptation activity x 2 differentiated
  • Giraffe/Prairie dog adaptation sorting statements activity
  • Savanna/Temperate animals sorting activity
  • African Savanna activity sheet x 2 differentiated
  • Research sheet (blank) for children to research a grassland or grassland animal
  • End of unit quiz x 2 differentiated




20 A5 real life photos for display

20 word cards for display

3 colourful posters

Pictures for sorting - colour and bw


Make a book mark, Giraffe life cycle and colouring for early finishers


Suitable for children aged 7+ years.

US and UK spellings

Grasslands Biome

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