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Growth mindset posters and colouring sheets. Brighten up your classroom with these fun and funky, 70s themed motivational posters. Post them around your classroom and refer to them when children are feeling demotivated, finding things difficult or just generally struggling with life. Use them to boost confidence and promote a positive mindset.


Includes 20 mindset statements, 2 designs of each poster PLUS 2 colouring sheets.


Statements included:

I can't do it yet

Impossible = I'm Possible

The quieter you are, the more you hear

Reach for the stars

Believe and you can succeed

Mistakes are ok, that's how we learn

Practice makes progress

Making mistakes means you are trying

All things are hard until they are easy

Believe in yourself

You can make it happen

Always dream big

Be proud of you

Have a can do attitude

Make today make a difference

You are in charge of how much you learn and grow

You can always do your best

Remember you are amazing

Take time to appreciate what you can do today that you couldn't do yesterday

You've got this

Growth Mindset Posters And Colouring 70s Themed

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