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Harvest Festival
This product teaches children how and why harvest is celebrated in England and the UK. It includes a teaching power point, craft and print and go activities. It is suitable for children aged 5-7 years old. These no prep activities are perfect for a day of harvest fun! Includes pictures for display and 24 cards that can be printed out twice and laminated for games such as pairs, snap, for use in centres, matching activities or even find a partner.

Full list of what’s Included:

Make a harvest wreath craft - colour or colour your own versions

Writing frame x 3

Above and below ground

I am thankful for…

Fruit or Vegetable cut and stick sorting activity - color and b&w

Fruit and vegetable colour and label activity - x 2 differentiated

Acrostic poem

Colour and cut fruit and vegetable basket

Make a harvest bookmark

16 real life A5 pictures for display

24 cards for games such as pairs and snap

Colouring sheets for early finishers

Harvest Festival

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