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Learning about Henri Matisse? Why not have a fun art day learning all about Henri Matisse with these low prep activities. This product includes a colourful Power Point teaching young children all about the life and works of Henri Matisse, focusing on his cut outs that he produced in later life.


Cut out activities include students choosing their favourite from a sheet of Matisse cut outs and choosing one to recreate using coloured paper.


Make an artwork plan for recreating a Matisse cut out.


Students can learn about colour theory and complementary colours with 2 differentiated colour wheel sheets.


Write your own Henri Matisse Biography with the facts they learn from the Power Point.


2 x differentiated timeline activities.


Make a bookmark for early finishers.


These activities are suitable for students K-2 KS1.

There are different levels of activities to suit all. Choose which ones you would like to complete.


Perfect for a fun day of art!


UK and US spelling version included.

Henri Matisse Activities KS1

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