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Covering K-ESS3-3 Kindergarten science standard? Learn about pollution, reduce reuse recycle and how humans affect the environment in a negative way and solutions to reduce them. Also includes a FREE Earth Day unit.
This product covers 10 days of science lessons, differentiated activities, partner games, center activities, an 80 slide teaching Power Point, bulletin board resources and includes a teacher guide with assessment and evaluation sheets.
Not only that – it includes a FREE Earth Day Unit.


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Read on for more details…


Product Includes:


80 slide 10 lesson power point


Each lesson includes differentiated activities.

Many lessons include starter partner/small group activities


Lesson 1

Negative effects of humans on land, air and animals

Partner Activity - sorting made from trees/not made from trees

2 x differentiated pollution activity sheets


Lesson 2

Solutions to reduce negative effects of humans on land, air and animals

Partner Activity - sorting good/bad for the environment

2 x differentiated cut and stick activities


Lesson 3

Negative effects of humans on oceans - plastic pollution

Partner Activity - sorting made from plastic/not made from plastic

2 x differentiated coloring sheets


Lesson 4

Solutions to reduce negative effects of plastic pollution

Partner Activity - classroom plastic hunt

2 x differentiated writing activities


Lesson 5

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Partner Activity - Reduce, reuse, recycle pairs game

2 x differentiated activities


Lesson 6

What can you do at school to help the environment?

Partner Activity - Recycling Snakes And Ladders game

Make a poster


Lesson 7

What can you do at home to help the environment

Partner/small group activity - Home 3Rs Charades game

Make a Ways To Help The Environment Wheel - 2 x differentiated


Lesson 8

Design and make a new object from junk.

2 x differentiated design sheets


Lesson 9

Make a pledge medal


Lesson 10

Scoot cards assessment



Center Activities/Early Finishers

Bingo Game


Make a bookmark

Make a foldable book

Coloring Sheet

Roll and color game

Recycling cut and paste

Writing frames


Bulletin Board Resources

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Posters

32 Real Pictures

16 Vocabulary cards

Word mat




Power Point

Earth Day hanging decoration

Earth Day bracelets

Earth Day hat

Earth Day foldable book

Earth Day coloring sheet

Human Impact On The Environment K-ESS3-3 - Reduce Reuse Recycle - Earth Day

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