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Pond ecosystem teaching Power Point plus print and go, no prep activities.

The power point teaches students all about a pond ecosystem including how weather, plants and animals support each other, food chains and life cycles. No prep is required from you! Plus students will love the fun, interactive activities whilst learning all about ecosystems at the same time!

The 40 slide power point covers 5 areas - vocabulary, ecosystems, pond zones, food chains and lifecycles. Each section has a fun, print and go activity - each one differentiated 2 ways. Plus make a mini book activity.

Also included are word cards and real life pictures for display, make a bookmark and coloring activity for early finishers.

Suitable for KS2 / 2nd grade.

Included in this product -

40 slide Power Point

16 real life pictures

28 word cards for display or word wall

Print and go activities :

Vocabulary activity -
Cut and paste definitions
Use a dictionary to find definitions

Ecosystem activity -
Cut and paste descriptions of ecosystem
Write description of ecosystem

Pond zone activity -
Cut and paste organisms into pond zones
Draw organisms into pond zones

Food chain activity -
Cut and paste missing part of food chain
Draw missing parts of food chain

Life Cycle of a frog activity -
Cut and paste descriptions of stages
Write description of stages

End of unit - make a mini book
For early finishers -
Colouring sheet
Make a bookmark

Pond Ecosystem

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