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St David’s Day Print and Go Activities. Comprehensions, colouring, activities and craft. Suitable for KS2.

Use this product to learn all about Saint David’s Day with your students.
Students can read the comprehensions to find out about the legend of St David and how St David’s Day is celebrated in Wales.

Students can then complete the different activities and craft.
The time saving, print and go activities are no prep and will keep students engaged.

US and UK spelling versions included.

This product contains: One comprehension passage about the life of Saint David and 10 questions.
One easier comprehension passage about how people celebrate St David’s Day and 8 questions.
Colouring the Welsh flag and flag of Saint David.
Craft activity - make a Saint David’s Day wreath. There is a coloured version and a black and white version for children to colour.
Make a mini book.
Word search
Make your own book marks
Blank fact sheet for students to complete
Dictionary activity - students to use a dictionary to look up the meaning of words.

All you need to celebrate Saint David’s Day!

Saint David's Day KS2

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