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Seed Dispersal KS2 Year 3
Are you learning about plants, in particular seed dispersal? These print and go activities plus power point has everything you need to teach your class all about how and why seeds are dispersed away from the parent plant. After using this product your class will have learnt:
•To understand that seeds need to be dispersed away from the parent plant in order to survive.
•To understand that seeds are dispersed in a variety of ways.
•To understand that plants have adapted the structure of their fruits and seeds in order to be dispersed.
This product includes a 20 slide power point for you to use to teach your class.
Printable activities:
seed dispersal writing activity
seed dispersal questions
black and white information sheets about different ways of seed disposal
seed hunt activity
seed dispersal - match statements to method
seed dispersal - match pictures to method
How to make a seed bomb - writing activity
draw methods of seed dispersal
Make a leaflet all about seed dispersal
coloured labels
activity ideas
colourful A4 poster
Some of these activities have been made to use with different abilities.

Seed Dispersal

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