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Sunflower crafts, activities and power point. Are you learning all about sunflowers? Then this is the product for you. It includes a 28 slide teaching power point that details the life cycle of a sunflower and how to grow a sunflower. In addition, it teaches children about Vincent Van Gogh and his famous Sunflowers painting. These fun, no prep, print and go activities will keep children engaged, whilst learning at the same time. The product also includes real life photos for display and coloring for early finishers. Instructions on how to use the product included. You might also like these summer activities


This Product Includes:

Sunflower crafts -

  • Sunflower book (includes how to grow a sunflower, sunflower life cycle, what a sunflower needs to grow)
  • Sunflower wreath
  • Sunflower seed packet.
  • Make a bookmark


28 page teaching power point telling children all about -

  • the life cycle of a sunflower
  • how to grow a sunflower
  • a brief history of Van Gogh and his famous Sunflower painting.


Life Cycle Activities

  • 2 x cut and stick sentences (one with pictures to help, one without pictures) Make your own sunflower life cycle pictures - includes pictures you can use
  • cut and stick life cycle pictures
  • draw the life cycle activity
  • Make a life cycle wheel
  • Make a life cycle folding book


How to grow a sunflower

  • 2 x writing activity (one with pictures to help, one without pictures)
  • sequence pictures activity


Other sunflower activities

  • Label parts of a sunflower x 2 (one with words to help, one without)
  • Van Gogh biography you could use when creating sunflower artwork.
  • Real life photos and word cards for display
  • Draw a sunflower - use the model to copy
  • Sunflower puzzle - cut, paste and color


Coloring sheets for early finishers

Sunflowers Activities Crafts And Power Point KS1

  • Zip File

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