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Great Fire Of London teaching power point and print and go activities. Suitable for year 2. Help your students learn all about the Great Fire of London.

Use the Power Point first to tell the children all about the Great Fire Of London.

Use the recap slides to discuss with the children what life was like in 1666 London, why the homes were fire hazards, how the fire started, why it spread so quickly, how it eventually went out and how the fire changed London.

There are then a variety of activities to choose from –

Reading comprehensions – these could be used for guided reading

5 senses activity – could be used alongside a drama activity. What would it be like to be caught up in the fire? Gather a bank of vocabulary for children to use.

London 1666 and now – students can either draw or write about London now and then. Alternatively they could research online and print out pictures they find and interesting facts.

Great Fire Facts – students fill in the six boxes with the facts they have learnt about the Great Fire.

Timelines – discuss chronology with the students before completing these 2 differentiated timelines.

Early Finishers – early finishers can complete the cut and stick activity Label The London Buildings.

The Great Fire Of London

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