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What a plant needs to grow well. Power Point and Activities. Year 3

Includes a 14 page power point that helps you teach children all they need to know about what a plant needs to grow healthy and strong.

Looks at 7 areas - light, water, warmth, soil, nutrients, space and air.

Please note this product looks at the fact that a plant uses light energy to make food but does NOT look at photosynthesis. This product is aimed at children aged 7-8 years old. Year 3/ Lower KS2

Printable activities:

Make a leaflet/foldable

Draw and label things a plant needs to grow

Plant needs - fill in the missing words


Descriptions of plant needs x 2 differentiated

Growing a plant experiment sheet - children choose their own variables to change (for example different types of soil/ light and no light etc

What A Plant Needs To Grow

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