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Best Science Word Wall Ideas And Activities For Your Kindergarten Classroom

Ten creative and interactive ideas for your science word wall.

A science word wall does not have to be a classroom wallpaper that is changed every topic. It can be a  valuable tool, providing opportunities for students to enhance their learning and to be exposed to essential vocabulary and meanings.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways that you can maximise the potential of a science word wall in the kindergarten classroom.

  1. Independent Labelling. Set up interactive labelling stations where students can use the word wall to label science topic pictures.

2. Describe A Word. Teacher or student can describe the picture on the word card - can the rest of the class guess what the word is?

3. Daily Vocabulary Discussions. Dedicate a few minutes each day to discuss a selected science term from the word wall. Encourage students to share their understanding of the word, ask questions, and relate it to their daily experiences. This fosters a culture of inquiry and cultivates a deeper comprehension of scientific principles.

4. Word Wall Scavenger Hunt. Organize a scavenger hunt where students search for specific science words within the classroom environment. Hide word cards strategically and provide clues (pictures) for them to find and write the word.

5. Play Pictionary. Someone draws a word. Can the rest of the class guess what it is?

6. Student Created Word Wall Words. Provide blank word cards and empower students to contribute to the word wall by allowing them to suggest new words and create accompanying illustrations. This promotes a sense of ownership and encourages active participation in building a collaborative learning environment.

7. Clap A Word. Have some fun learning new words by clapping them and counting the syllables.

8. Word Wall Journal / Vocabulary Book. Provide each student with a personal word wall journal or vocabulary book, where they can add words, illustrate and write about the science terms they encounter.

9. Word Of The Day. Challenge the children to use a word in a sentence or in conversation.

10. Handwriting. Use the words for handwriting practise.

Why not give some, or all, of these ideas a go next time you set up a science word wall?

This Kindergarten Science Word Wall product includes over 400 words and covers 34 topics.

The good news is, it also includes differentiated labelling activities and a choice of vocabulary books for your students to complete, all linked to the word wall words.

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