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8 Best Burns Night Activities For Kids

Robert Burns Night is coming up on January 25th, and it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all things Scottish with your children.

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet. He is remembered for the songs and poems that he wrote, including Auld Lang Syne, which is sung all over the world on New Year's Eve.

You can learn all about Robert Burns with our Burns Night product.

  1. Design Your Own Tartan

Use some cut up strips of different coloured paper to design your own tartan. This is a nice, simple activity for young children. You could even stick the pieces onto a kilt shaped piece of card.

2. Scottish Flag Craft

Children can paint, colour, collage or scrunchy tissue the Scottish flag.

You can download a FREE Scottish flag template below

Scottish Flag Template PDF
Download PDF • 543KB

3. Write a poem.

A perfect day to inspire your children to write a poem!

4. Mini Highland Games

Get active and organise a mini highland games outside or in the hall.

In teams, children can compete in their own version of this traditional event. Activities could include tug o' war, welly throwing, haggis hurl - how far can they throw a beanbag.

5. Weave a tartan

Weave a tartan with strips of paper. Cut out your frame and use coloured paper to weave in and out. Great for fine motor skills.

6. Make a foldable book.

Amongst other activities, our Burns Night product includes a foldable book for children to make.

7. Traditional Scottish Dancing

Have some fun and try out some traditional Scottish dancing. There are some great tutorial videos on line.

8. Make some shortbread.

Finally, why not make some shortbread?

Scottish shortbread may date back as far as the 12th century. They were also enjoyed by Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century.

It's a nice, easy recipe to make with children.

Download this FREE, kids friendly recipe sheet below.

Shortbread recipe pdf
Download PDF • 965KB

This Burns Night Product includes a Power Point, reading and writing activities, crafts, timelines and more.

Happy Burns Night Everyone!

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