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10 Ways To Use Your FREE Christmas Picture Cards

Need some ideas for these free Christmas picture cards? Read on for some Christmas fun! #Christmasfreebie #Christmasactivities #Christmasresources

Print out and laminate 2 or 4 sets of Christmas picture cards.

You can use these cards in a variety of ways in the classroom or at home.

  1. Use 2 copies to play snap.

  2. Play pairs...

3. Use for recognising initial sounds.

4. Play Go Fish or Happy Families

5. Play a memory game. Place a few cards on a tray. Ask children to look at them and to remember the cards. Take one card away without the children seeing. Can they remember which card is missing?

6. Vocab games. Children can pick a card and write the word or a sentence about the picture on the card.

7. Find a partner or make a group. Print out 2 copies and hand them out randomly. Children must then find the person that has their matching picture. To make a group, simply print out more of the same pictures.

8. Play a guessing game as a whole class or small group. An adult can start off by showing the children how to play. Pick a card without anyone seeing and give clues for others to guess the card. For example, I am green, I might grow in a forest, I am often decorated.....

9. Hot and cold game. One child leaves the room. Someone hides a card in the room. When the child comes back into the room to look for the hidden cards, the rest of the class must tell them if they are "hot" or "cold". (Nearly found it or nowhere near it) "warm" or "cool" (quite near or not very close)

10. Talking cards. Someone picks a card and must talk about the picture on the card for one minute.

For loads more freebies, simply head on over to and sign up. This gives you unlimited access to our FREEBIE library. Resources are added regularly, with some exclusive to the site.

Christmas Snap Cards Freebie PDF
Download PDF • 1.23MB

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