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Fun First Day Of School Activity

I don't know about you but I've always found the first day of a new school year quite nerve wracking. I feel quite anxious about being in charge of thirty little people that I've barely met before. And I'm pretty sure that the children are feeling much the same way!

So, I always like to have a nice, quiet, calm activity that the children will enjoy, is hands on without needing too much adult input and gives them something to keep. Plus, it allows you time to wander round and have a chat with your newbies.

I made these antique effect bookmarks last year and the kids loved them. They loved making them look 'old'.

They are very simple to make and require minimal resources or preparation.

You will need:

  • Sheets of card

  • Glue

  • Some pages from an old children's book

  • Some old sheet music (I just printed off some images from the internet)

  • Scrap pieces of crafting paper or wall paper

  • A brown marker pen

  • Scissors

Start off by cutting the card to bookmark size.

Then tear off a strip of sheet music and stick it on one side of the bookmark.

Next, tear off a strip of contrasting, patterned paper. Stick it next to the sheet music, overlapping slightly.

Do the same with the old book pages.

Now turn it over and trim off all the excess paper.

Finally, use a brown marker pen to trace the paper joins.

Laminate and they are ready to use at home or in class! You could even add a ribbon on the bottom if you wish.

Not got time to make these? Download these FREE Autumn bookmarks.

Autumn Bookmarks Freebie PDF
Download PDF • 702KB
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