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Fun Spooky Halloween Science Experiment - That's Easy AND Educational

Fancy some Halloween fun with your class this month that also covers your science standards? Then read on.

This experiment is ideal if you are learning about states of matter - solids, liquids and gases.

Today we are making.........spooky butter!!!

This Halloween themed experiment will encourage students to think about how we can change a liquid into a solid and whether or not changes are reversible or irreversible.

All you need is:

An empty glass jar and lid

A tub of whipping cream

Green or purple food colouring

Half fill your jar with cream.

Add 6-8 drops of food colouring.

Shake the jar vigorously for about 15 minutes. The cream will start to thicken.

Keep going until a lump of butter begins to form.

If the butter looks like it has curdled - keep shaking for a few more minutes.

You should now have a lump of butter and a pool of liquid at the bottom of the jar. This is the buttermilk.

Pour off the buttermilk and your butter is ready to eat!!

Why not make some spooky toast to go with it!?

I made this bat toast by cutting out the shape of a bat, placing it on the bread and spreading honey inside the bat template! Spoooooky!

(Adult supervision for this - the honey can be hot!)

Students can observe so much during these activities!

  • It's possible to turn a liquid into a solid.

  • What happens if you put the butter into the fridge?

  • Is it possible to turn the butter back into cream?

  • What would happen if you heated the butter?

  • Is this a reversible or irreversible change?

  • What has happened to the bread when toasted?

  • Is it possible to turn the toast back into bread?

Scroll down to download your FREE instructions to make spooky butter.

Check out this Halloween Science Lab set to use alongside the experiment.

How To Make Spooky Butter PDF
Download PDF • 973KB

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